I’m a gloom !

The moon is Beautiful–But too far,
The sun is sublime–But to char,
The stars are lovely–But too vague,
The ocean is wonderful–But to lost,
Love is Serene –A Fire in my Heart !

Let me chase the dark clouds,
Let me defeat the dreadful nights,
Let me go through the hidden caves,
Let me tune thy music again…
Who am I…Just a name…!

Who is walking with me on slippery road?
Who is sailing with me on glassy sea?
Who is floating with me in deep sky?
Letting me free from the finiteness…
O My Love…Is That You…?

He is painting with invisible hands!
He is singing in mystical voice!
He is weaving this fairy life!
He is picking all the thorns!
No, not God…He is You…!

My waters for the sea…I’m a stream !
My sweetness for the air…I’m a bloom!
My songs for the woods…I’m a bird !
My essence for the season…I’m a fruit !
Your Love is a shine…I’m a gloom !